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Gates panels and cowboys

When it comes to Powder River Livestock Gates and Panels, most handlers go with our classic line. Our pentagonal rails and vertical stays are made of 14-gauge high tensile steel which is 66% stronger than mild steel. The classic line is truly an investment. We also offer our 1600 line of gates and panels that work well in perimeter and light cattle handling situations. We are also including Cattle Guards as part of our gate family. Powder River Cattle Guards meet most federal and state specifications and include a variety of load ratings to handle anything from a standard vehicle up to a fully loaded logging truck. And of course, they keep cattle from getting out of the pasture into the road.

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Classic Gates and Panels
The 14 gauge high tensile steel and pentagonal rail design is the key to the success of our classic line.
Cattle Guards
Various load ratings available. Recommended by many state and federal agencies.
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