C2000 Curtain Style Chute

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Powder River C2000 Manual Squeeze Chute

C2000 Curtain Style Chute

The C2000 variant of the 2000 series chutes features a
wide opening curtain style headgate. The wide opening facilitates smooth exits and easy enticing of cattle with a clear visual path. The Powder River Manual Headgate is easy to close and release. The new linkage allows for more secure catches with stops every ½ of an inch. The headgate and center squeeze both utilize rack and pinion mechanisms that aid in keeping operator and animal away from moving parts and dangerous linkages. Lever releases on the center squeeze and the headgate make releasing animals easier than ever. The tailgate linkage allows operation from the front or rear of the chute. And a side
exit release is included on all 2000 series Powder River Chutes. The new low profile floor adjusts easily from 15.5” to 6.5” in width.

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The C2000 squeeze chute gives you all the aspects of a manual chute with a curtain style headgate. Cattle will have a clear visual path with a wide opening. The included neck extenders will give you the added head control.

  • Wide Opening Curtain Style Headgate
  • Leverage Enhanced Center Squeeze
  • Rack and Pinion Manual Linkages
  • Included Neck Extenders
  • Split Kickpans
  • Split Easy Open Tailgate
  • Right Side Exit (Side Exit)
  • Easy Adjustable Low Profile Floor
  • 5 Year Warranty
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