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Warranty Information.

LIMITED WARRANTY. For 5 years on classic line products, and one year on all other products, from the date of the original purchase, the manufacturer warrants to the first buyer who purchases and uses the products for the products’ ordinary and intended purposes that the products shall be free from defects in material and in workmanship. There are no intended or incidental third party beneficiaries. This warranty excludes and disclaims all product defects arising from ordinary wear and tear, failure to properly maintain and repair, and abuse. The manufacturer excludes and disclaims any warranty of merchantability, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and any other warranty, either express or implied, regarding the products.

LIMITED REMEDY. The buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any breach of this limited warranty is to return the products to the manufacturer or manufacturer’s authorized representative at buyer’s expense for a refund of the purchase price, or repair and replacement. The manufacturer has the exclusive right to select the remedy. The manufacturer excludes and disclaims liability for consequential damages, incidental damages, tort damages, strict liability damages, specific performance, and other damages and remedies.

NO MODIFICATIONS. This printed Limited Warranty is a complete statement of the manufacturer’s warranty. The printed terms of this Limited Warranty shall not be modified, amended, superseded, replaced or supplemented by any representations, promises or other statements made by salesmen, dealers, brokers, distributors, installers or others.

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